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Happy Anniversary  / Nancy Gottschall (daughter)
Happy Belated Anniversary mom and dad. Happy birthday Bobby today too.

Happy Mother's Day mom  / Nancy Gottschall (daughter)

By: Nancy Ellen Gottschall Brundrett




* with Mother's Day coming up I want to honor my mother with a poem I wrote for her about 10 yrs. ago. This memorial site should also be for my
mothers memories too. She always had to take the back seat in life, especially when everyone was so interested in my dad's Hollywood stories. The greatest tribute I could pay to my dad is he would have been nothing without the love and faithfulness of my mom, his wife, the quiet little angel of God. She was a true example of really living the life of a true a Christian. You can't say that about very many people..

Love ya Mom and miss your gentle touch and sweet smile,


A final word (for Now)  / Jon Gottschall (nephew)
Dear Uncle Bud:  I didn't realize that I am one of the few people in the world who call you Bud.  I think that is because that is what your brother, my father, called you.  I was surprised to hear you had died.  I could tell you were slipping a little--the move, Mary Sue's death, your physical and emotional problems, but somehow I thought you had endless reserves.  You had coped so ably for so long and your intelligence was so acute and it seemed like your new life would be simpler.  So your death surprised me, although it did not sadden me at the time.  That will come later when there are things I would like to tell you or ask you.  For instance, if you had held on just a little longer, I would tell you that my son Robert Gottschall has just been selected to play Stanley Kowalski in the Albany Little Theater production of Tennessee Williams' Streetcar Named Desire.  He'd never been in a play or had an acting lesson, but walked in off the street auditioned and got the part.  I know that would have delighted you, as, of all of us, he is probably most like you.  I'm sorry you missed that.  But you didn't miss much in life.  I think you enjoyed your life better than almost anybody I know and I always enjoyed hearing about it.  You used to apologize for talking too much, but I never minded, and never thought it too much.  You were an entertainer, always, and I loved hearing the stories.  I want to thank you also for coming into my life and into the lives of my sisters.  You became a surrogate father for all of us and through you we also finally began to have a relationship with your children.  If you find my own dad wherever you are going, tell him hello for me.  As for Mary Sue, I am glad she did not have to wait to long for your arrival.  I think she will need less care now and it is appropriate that you are together.  You arranged all that with your usual competence.  You always left no detail unattended to.  Well, what else can I say.  I love you.  I will miss you.  I thank you for all you gave to me.  It was a great privilege to know you.  God bless and God speed.  Jon Gottschall
To an incredible man and life  / David Gottschall (Grand Nephew)
Although I am sure I did not know uncle Bud as well as many of you that will be reading this, what little contact I had with the man was priceless.  Hearing the adventourous stories of his life through my father and Uncle Bud himself on the telephone was nothing less than inspiring.  Although we had never met in person he had a very endearing paternal quality in our conversations.  And although I had seen pictures of uncle Bud before I viewed this website I never realized how close to him we really are, my brother robert has so many of his features.  I was never able to meet my grandfather so it was extremely nice for me to be able to speak with Uncle Bud.  My condolences to everyone and I am sure that Uncle Bud is in a better place now and reunited with Marysue.
A tibute to my parents, my heroes  / Nancy Gottschall Brundrett (Only daughter of Robert and Marysue)
I want to pay tribute to my loving father and mother. You two gave me a full life. I still have many days and nights here on this planet, though. I know your blood flows through my veins and through my heart, Being the only daughter is a comforting thought. Both of your hands, in the last days, were so angelically soft to the touch and your hair was platinum grey. Your miles of smiles through out the 52 yrs of my blessed life are treasured. Mom, our special moments through all these years, are so amplifed now in my heart and soul. Sorry I was a tomboy. Dad, we had a very special relationship that only a daughter would or could know. You tried to mold me into a glamous beauty like mom. I had two brothers to compete with to gain your attention. Mom's love for was unconditional,. so that was a given. Dad you were stern and demanded a lot out of all of your chldren. Hey, dad I throw like a boy and that means a lot to me now. Mom, when I think of you I see the spirit light in your eyes so bright like the best sunset I have ever seen. There are so many things I want to tell you, but I know you have already heard my spoken words to you.. I love you. Mom you gave me the spirit light. Dad you gave me the adventurous side. Like you in your last days, you were still searching for a home. I know this feeling. You told me I was the most like you and I believe you now. Hey, why did you let those teachers in Virgina try to make me be righthanded when I was lefthanded. :-) I have worked through all of that as you can see. I know you can see me. The Bible says I am surrounded by a cloud of witnesses....You created three extremely different, but same-like kids. Bobby was always the target of Mark's and my pranks. :-) Mark had a great imagination. Bobby is the extremely talanted one now who uses his heart, mind, spirit and hands to create beautiful and heartful expression of earthen sculptures. Mark has your charm, who can play music and speak so many languages.. Mark, hats off to you. When I think of dad I think of the flag I now hold so dearly. What a gift from you and God that comforts me now in my deepest sorrow ever. Your ceremony of full miliatry honors was so worthy of your service and love for your country. To receive your flag is the greatest honor I could ever receive from your legacy. I will display it in your honor because I know the flag is a symbol of your service and love for this US of A. The words spoken from the Army Airborne Ranger, when I was presented your flag and then saluted, are the most comforting words I have ever heard. He spoke with honest words of thanks and graditude, he honors you. You are a hero to him and me. Everytime I see a Redbird or Cardinal I will think of my dad. He loved those Redbirds. Everytime I feel unconditional love, I will think of my dear mother. I hope and pray that my life is pleasing to you as you look down from above. Ari and Ashley love you so much. Thank you for loving them so much. Ari had words today at your service, but Ashley had none. I asked her why no words? Ashley said grandpa and grandma already know what is in my heart and how I feel about them. She had a great realtionship with both of them by spending many years with them on a daily basis. She loved those precious moments after school. They insisted on having her after school because she brought them the joy and love they needed. Grandma taught her to be a lady. Ashley loved dressing up and putting makeup on with grandma. Ashley would put on grandmas jewelry and wrap herself up in her scarves. Ashley had found someone like her. I see the beauty of my mom in my Ashley. For the record, Ashley throws like a girl!!!!!! Ashley became Valedictorian in honor of my mother because mom was also a Valedictorian. She is in University of Texas as a freshman and pulled a 4.0 in pre-med classes at UT. Well, so many words from me this evening of your burial. I will forever cherish your flag dad. Mom I feel you always flowing through me and that is comforting. My prayer is, Lord please make my parent's quailities and love help bring us all together in love... I know you respected the chaplin who presided over your burial today. He was real to me. He was in war torn Korea as a child and became an Army Chaplain, but he is an ariborne chaplain. Dad, I know how much that meant to you when Ari earned his ariborne wings at Ft. Bliss. You loved the military. Ari loves you, that is why he earned those wings in your honor..It is an honor to be Ariborne, but you two are eternally airborne to me now... Love you so much, Nancy PS> Hey dad..."Oh really"? We would always reply, "OReilly" was our special thing.... Rest in peace and know one day we will all be together again.
A brief memory shared with Robert Gottschall  / Margret Hofmann (Friend)
 A friend and myself were seated at Mr. Gottschall's table for the Christmas dinner last month at his retirement home. He had not wanted to come down at all and was full of apologies. He was afraid he would be bad company. But when he noticed my German accent, he told us about his bicycle trip to Germany in 1937. He mentioned that he came through Duesseldorf. Well, I ws living in Duesseldorf at that time. He brightened up! Did I, by any chance, remember the "Schaffendes Volk" fair in that city, during that year? Yes, I did indeed, and I had visited it several times. The good man was beside himself with excitement! In 1937 I was  only 12 yers old, but I remember some of the exhibits, (early experiments with television!) and he recalled the same ones.--- I was probably the first person in many years, or even the first one ever, whom he met and who recalled that exhibit in Duesseldorf in 1937! --- Mr. Gottschall then shared with us some of his own life stories with great enthusiasm. He did not want us to leave. He hurried to his room and brought down a picture of one of his friends from Hollywood. He was already looking forward to contacting us as soon as he had recovered from his upcoming surgery, so that we could look at pictures together. He told everyone within earshot that "this lady here was in Duesseldorf in 1937, and we were at the same fair!".--- I am glad that I could brighten his day. When we left, he was a happy man, full of anticipation of our next visit. I am sorry that it was not to be. --- I wanted to share this brief, but special memory with Mr. Gottschall's children, and you are welcome to e-mail me at . Margret Hofmann
A Friend to Many  / Karen Harris

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of both Bob and his darling Mary Sue.  Bob and Mary Sue lived across the street from my grandfather, Chet Wall at Copperfield Village.  He always did his best to be a positive influence on my grandfather and an encouragement to us.  It was always a welcomed diversion during many difficult days to see his smiling face riding toward us on his scooter.  He oftened entertained my eight year old, baseball loving son, with his wonderful baseball stories and me with his memories of the golden age of Hollywood.  I don't think I ever told him what a bright spot he was in our lives but, I can't let his passing go without telling his family.  Bob was a true treasure and will be missed my many.

Prof. Emeritus, U of KS  / Jed Davis (None)
Sorry I missed the one chance I and my wife (Betty) had to travel to Texas one Christmas season a few years back and meet Bob and Mary Sue. My daughter, Julie, and Mark were engaged at that time, and we were anxious to meet the in-laws and get acquainted. But fate intervened, as it often does, and we never did get to meet them. Everything I've ever heard about Bob was fabulous - his acting career was especially intriguing to me, and his time in the military was a source of great pride for his children. I'll remember our phone conversations with much pleasure.

My husband and I were across the street neighbors with the Gottschalls when they lived in Kenedy, TX on Bluebonnet Drive.  I was sad to hear that he had passed away.  I did not know them very well but visited with them several times.  They were a very neat couple.  Please express my sympathy to the entire family.  The article about him is wonderful.  Someone really went to a lot of work to get it done.  May he rest in peace with his wonderful wife Mary Sue. 

Thanks for the serenade  / Katherine Hicks (Friend of Nancy G. Brundrett)
Thanks for the serenade Mr. Gottschall. My many conversations with you this last summer are dear to me. Even though I never was able to meet you in person I feel like we shared as if we already had. I will keep all of my promises to you. I will continue to get to visit with you everytime I have time with Nancy, or Bob, or your grandchildren. Thanks for all of the great advice about the Biz. See you when I get to the "Big Top". Nancy, I'm honored that you have requested me to sing about your Daddy's favorite bird, the cardinal at his service. Thank you for sharing your talents and those of your parents. My condolences to the whole family. May the comfort of the Lord's love in his everlasting arms hold your family together at this time of earthbound loss. Respectfully, Darrell, KDawn, and Case Hicks
thinking of my loving mother on her birthday today  / Nancy Gottschall-Brundrett (only daughter )  Read >>
thinking of my loving mother on her birthday today  / Nancy Gottschall-Brundrett (only daughter )
She would have been 87 today. It is amazing how blue the sky is today. It is like the windows of heaven are open wider today. I feel mom's presence all the time, especially when I write songs...She touched so many peoples lives and was so meek and humble. She had a clean heart and loved Jesus. She taught me how to pray and get in touch with God. Her life was a living example of what a true Christian should be like. I am so proud her blood flows through my veins....

God bless ya mom up there beyond the blue......

We wanted her to live longer, but she now can fly through the clouds, walk on streets of gold and dance with my dad on the seashores of eternity.

Happy first birthday without you here on earth and you in heaven.

Your only daughter,


Happy Birthday daddy  / Nancy Brundrett (daughter)  Read >>
Happy Birthday daddy  / Nancy Brundrett (daughter)
Today is my dad's birthday. I was hoping he would be around forever, but Jesus knew his heart was in the right place to fly away,.

I drew comfort today reading Psalms 90 and especially Psalms 139, which my father highlighted in his personal Bible and wrote
"This is the story of my life"...not Hollywood.
He knew I would be looking for his Bible. That special note in the Bible tells me he was becoming one with his maker...I am noticing he has left many notes and messages for us to find. I found another note in the family Bible as well....

I miss dancing with my father....he was so smoothe. Now I realize I am dancing with my Father....Jesus Christ.

Your loving daughter,


PS> I named my golden retriever pup "Bud" loved dogs.

Family pics and other cool pics, songs andpoetry are at my site. My dad loved my poetry. Brother Bobby is an awesome poet as well. Thanks mom and dad for giving us the gift of creativity...