Robert Gottschall
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Born in Texas on September 15, 1915.
Babe Ruth gave Bud a baseball autographed by the 1929 Yankees, including Tom Zachary, the pitcher that gave up the Babe's 60th homerun in 1927.
After "exaggerating" his work experience, earned a job on an ocean liner headed to Europe.  Bicycled through Holland, France, England Germany.  Witnessed Hitler giving a speech, although Bud was of Jewish heritage and didn't speak German

Moved to L.A.  Hired the Marx Brothers as his agents.  Signed contract with 20th Century Fox. Appeared in his first movie: Rose of Washington Square.

Enlisted in the Army
August 15, 1942
Married Mary Sue Mills
While stationed in Asia, introduced little league baseball to Taiwan.  A field was named in his honor.
Retired from the Army
August 15, 2002
Bob and Mary Sue celebrated their 60th Anniversary
November 4, 2004
Mary Sue Gottschall passed away at age 86
Passed away on January 03, 2005 at the age of 89.
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